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I See Red_Outlaw
Bajo Mundo
Gladys Knight _ At Last
Shark Tale _ JoJo _ Soundtrack
Babyface _ The Day
DMX _ Grand Champ
DIsney High School Musical 2
Rodgarband_CD Cover
RIO_ Taio Cruz_ Soundtrk
Chuck The Show_Scared to Be Vulnerable
Kanye West _My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Leslie West Unusual Suspects
Charlie Wilson _ Uncle Charlie
Kci and JoJo _ Love Always
O-Town _ O-Town
Kimerly Locke _ One Love
Ce Ce Peniston _ I'm Movin' On
Aaron Neville _ To Make Me Who I Am
Heather Headley _ This is Who I Am
Vanessa Hudgens _ V
Ella Windsor_Half
Jordin Sparks_Jordin Sparks
Dren "Go Away"
Fake Whiz_The Not EP
James Hatten_Drive
Takin You Down_ELAO
Kosmik Band and Enzo Buono_Anamaya
Byungjoo Kang_Meant to Be
Viven L_Invisible
Timeline _Mr. Sun Fusion Band
Marshal_Mr Enginear
Yogi Roots_Kosmic Band and nanan
Todd Michael Chapman
Gayatri Blues_Kosmik Band
The Fake EP, Vol 2
Citipop _Single
New District_Closer
No Heart, Quiet Comedian
The Fake EP 1 Fake Whiz
Lanes by Hriday Jain
Deep Water _Karlee Shannon and the Orbits
Ingenting_Ezi Cut, Abbaz
Dakota Lotus Xmas
Quiet Comedian "Hearts in Captivity"
Simon Webbe _ Sanctuary
Mariana_Queen of Hearts
Asher Monroe
Fly to Space Fake Whiz
Teen Pop 2_Extreme
Skylar Steckler
Yacht Rock_Extreme
Trigger Warning, Quiet Comedian
Dyllan Murray _ Firecracker
Natalie Grant
In the Shadow of An Icon_2 PAC
Singer Songwriter 2_Extreme
George Huff _ MIracles
O-Town _ 02
Natalie Grant _ Stronger
Jordan Pruiit_Permission To Fly
Kenny Lattimore _ Weekend
Tiffany Evans
2XL Neighborhood Rapstar
Seiko _ Area 62
Kate Alexa Teardrops
Jesse Powell
La Sinfonia
Jason and Demaro Safer
Natural _ Natural
Dyllan Murray _ Boom Boom
Chelo 360
Cleopatra _ Steppin Out
Rupaul _ Workout
Taylor Dayne _ Naked Without You
Club Revenge
Downtown Harvest
CoCo Lee _ Just No Other Way
Pokemon 2000 _ DreamStreet_Sndtrk
Algo Mas Danii G
Knocturnal _ Knoc'sville
Plus One _ The Promise
Another Level _ Another Level
RJ Helton_ Real Life
Ken Ross _ The Wave
Jimmy Sommers _ James Cafe
Arden Kaywin_ The Elephant In The Room
SoundMaster T _ Too Much Booty
Shola Ama _ In Return
Kele Le Roc - Everybody's Somebody
Tren'l _ Outlaw
Klass Band Brotherhood _Out of the Shadows
5 AM Praise _ The Beginning
5 Am Praise _ Testify
RuPaul_Red Hot
Jason and Demarco _ Spirit Pop
Lil' J _ Back 2 J
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